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. let me be clear. this information, this is not coming from that all-important government jobs report. that doesn't come out until tomorrow. so today's numbers come from adp. they process payroll so let's go straight to alison kosik for this. what more do we know about this report? >> okay. what this report does, brooke, surveys how many jobs that private employers have added so it means all those industries that are outside of the government arena and what it said this time around for october is 158,000 jobs were added. and it came in better than expected, seeing good job gains in services and construction and a second report on jobs showing unemployment claims fell by 9,000 last week. decent pieces of news from the labor market but the reality is analysts say it may not have a huge impact on how people vote next week because what matters for voters is what's going on with your own economy an your own life. do you have a job? does your spouse have a job? people are more likely to vote about their own situation. brooke? >> back to the numbers in the report. what is the possibility, al
websites. he's urging follow towers join the rebel lone against the syrian government and to help impose sharia law in egypt. he said his message was delayed due to the fierce war under way in afghanistan and pakistan. >>> harry reid is back in his nevada home after he was treated and released from a las vegas hospital. he suffered minor injuries in a car accident in las vegas on friday. four of the vehicles in the accident were part of reid's motorcade. >> it's about 21 minutes after the hour. we want to go to lonnie quinn for our nation's check of the weather. >> we're looking at the entire country right now. the big story is sandy and that's one of the four elements on this map. again, that's the big story. we've also got this story, that's number one. this is number two. number two is a cold front that's just letting down the northeastern portion of the united states because right now in the ohio valley it's not going much further. if it was doing what we thought it would do initially keep moving east push that storm out to sea that won't happen. clear air in t
,000 of government debt. yeah. and what's the president doing about that? why he keeps on adding more and more and more debt? i don't understand how a college kid could vote for barack obama. >> i think it's fair to say the president will disagree with that. but mitt romney really thinks his economic message will resonate with younger voters. one other thing you mentioned early voting. early voting getting under way today right here in florida. eight days of early voting. >> so good to see you today, paul steinhauser. thank you. >>> we're keeping a close eye on hurricane sandy. here are some of the pictures. the east coast is preparing. we're going to tell you what they're doing. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. >>> want to share some live pictures with you from nags head, north carolina. we
they looked like, the u.s. government is in possession of that video. and it would shed some light on who it is that is behind the attack. what we have been reporting and we have a source that was present during the attack on the annex, the cia annex, about a half a mile-- the second location, away from the consulate, about a half a mile away, i'm told, on foot, about a mile, if you drive. our source is telling us that about 9:40 p.m., they placed their first radio contact from the annex, saying they were hearing gunfire and wanted permission to engage and to go to the consulate. they were told by their base captain to stand down. that base captain was on the radio to the station chief in tripply, as well as -- and the assumption was that the station chief was in touch with our headquarters. one hour -- less than an hour later, about 10:30 p.m., the again -- the team that included tyrone woods and about five others requested permission, they wanted to go and help at the consulate. they imbue that the ambassador was missing and they were taking fire. they were again told to stand down by t
's a government-run program so obviously they're going to try to better assess what kind of pricing they charge for the flood coverage. >> but you would expect that flood insurance pricing just from the government program itself would go up as a result of this, too? >> usually when you have losses what follows are price increases afterwards but yes, i would certainly expect you might see some changes there as well. the assessment of this storm, as bad as it seems the european reinsurance companies were trading up today. >> we saw that earlier. which companies have the most exposure here? >> there are several that have exposure in the northeast. allstate, travelers, chubs, aig, hartford, any number of those would have exposure to the northeast. >> what were the other? >> allstate, travelers, chubs, aig, hartford. >> gloria, we have to run, quick question and i know two years does not make a trend, given we have two storms in way we haven't had in many years does that change how insurance is going to be marketed for example up here? >> i don't think it's going to change how it will be marked. i t
times, the last time at midnight. why wouldn't he say thank you? his folks need the federal government right now. and i must say, i wish more officials would act like this. i think this is what americans are hungry for right now is officials who can come together, to solve the problem, whatever it is. >> ultimately, even the president said the other day that he's not worried about the impact of sandy on his election right now, he's worried about the impact on families. what do you think, bob, ultimately, this hurricane sandy will have, this frankenstorm will have on this election? >> you know, i think it's probably, gayle, it's going to be a wash, because you know, it's down to the battleground states -- virginia, north carolina, these were the states on the east coast where it was hardest hit. it had a slight impact, i think, on the early voting in those states, but i'm told that both of those states, they'll have their polling places up and running on election day. i think, as rich beeson, who is the political director for the romney campaign, told me the other day -- or told me just
most other government agencies across the country, south carolina never encrypted that data to protect it from hackers because it's such an expensive and lengthy process. >>> and this morning another big bank could be in big trouble, this time for allegedly manipulating the price of electricity in california. regulators are threatening to fine barclays $470 million for allegedly gaming the market to lower prices just so it could make bigger profits later. the bank denies the scheme. >>> an unusual sight to bring you along the mexico/arizona border. instead of digging a tunnel, smugglers tried to build makeshift ramp to try to drive over the border fence. as you can see, they came up just a bit short. they did manage to run off, but they left their jeep teetering some 14 feet in the air. >> a balancing act. >> that is some balance there. >>> hey, sam, how about some national weather? >> as we do that, i want to thank wabc for giving us the flight yesterday. they're always in the air, by the way, and the best in the business. let me show you what's going on with this cold air that drops
and these two didn't show up. >> is there a concern on the part of national security officials in the government? >> there is. fbi has issued a be on the lookout alert that's gone to police agencies, intelligence fusion centers. so the dark scenario is that these are two significant intelligence officials from afghanistan with the issues of green on green attacks, what are they up to? why did they run away? is this part of a plot? if we were watching homeland, that would be the scenario. >> but we're not. it's real. >> people working the case are more of the mind that -- and this has happened before. that they may be moving toward canada to try to seek asylum because it's easier to get there or maybe just wanted to spend a little more time in these great united states. >> they decided no longer wise to go back to afghanistan for whatever reason? >> maybe they just like it here. >> norah? >> a quick question on that, though. how does this happen? the two afghan senior people go missing within the united states? shouldn't we be tracking them? >> well, norah, part of this program is, you know, thes
you get the sense that most people heeded the government's warnings to get out of dodge? >> in this area, rob. most people have heeded the evacuation warnings and orders. i think that's probably true for most of the coastal communities in new jersey. >> have the waters started to recede at all so far? or is it still as bad as it was a few hours ago? >> we have not yet had a sense to get out around town. with natural sunlight or natural daylight to see exact ly what has gone on here. as soon as the sun does rise, as soon as daybreak allows, we will venture out and assess what happened. >> in a storm like this so often the real danger and the real killer is the storm surge. really is. we have seen that play out the last 12 hours. there are also reports this morning that more than half of atlantic city, new jersey, is underwater. >> floodwaters up to 6 feet deep surging into the city streets and damaged an old section of the famous boardwalk that you see here. a 300-yard section, waves were as high as the light poles on the boardwalk. but again that is where sandy first tou
! >> reporter: this woman pleading with government officials for gasoline, food and clothing. >> you don't understand. you've got to get your trucks here on this corner now! >> we are trying to -- >> this is three days. >> reporter: this is one of the hardest-hit communities in new york city. thousands still without power, many homeless. 19 people dead. in devastated neighborhoods, overwhelmed by a violent surge of water, residents describe a supersized wave, as high as 20 feet. >> it was coming in rushing like a rapid. >> reporter: well, welcome to your house, huh? we met this man, mike abruzzo. his house is completely gone. just the floorboards remain. he and his wife and two young daughters have been staying with relatives. >> and my youngest daughter yesterday, faith, said, "daddy, i want to go home." i told her "it's going to be awhile, hon." she don't understand. she's 6. >> reporter: he gives us a tour of what once was. one beautiful christmas plate. that's going to be a special plate at your house. >> that's going to have my mother's cookies on it. >> reporter: search teams have
contractor. he insists the government database is wrong. >> i am licensed. >> when he checked there was no license online for you or your company. >> i'll shoal you otherwise. >> reporter: said he'll show investigators proof the next day but didn't. >> do you have a business card? >> reporter: many contractors do play by the rules. frank checked this one on the roof. fully licensed. >> i'm glad somebody showed up to check my credentials, verify i'm licensed. >> reporter: what do you make of the unlicensed contractors? >> stick it to them. >> reporter: officials say some unlicensed contractors even walk down the street going door to door luring you in with low, low prices, and when your front yard looks like this or actually any of the homes on this block, you're desperate. how do you say no? >> it hurts. i am really in the hole. >> reporter: dorothy o'brien got a flier in her door in august for tree repair from this man, eric moyer. she says she paid him $1,600 in cash up front, but he never did the job. >> they were only here one day. they never came back again. >> reporter:
governor chris christie say that fema and the federal government are stepping in to help his state which he says the damage there unthinkable. he's going to be talking to proek later tod e e er -- presi later today. we'll talk about the federal response to the storm after this. a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety. which can withstand over three and a half tons. what if there was a new that focused less on feesy and more... on what matters? maybe your bank account is taking too much time and maybe it's costing too much money. introducing bluebird by american express and walmart. your alternative to checking and debit. it's loaded with features, not fees. because we think your money should stay where it belongs. with you. the value you expect. the service you deserve. it feels good to bluebird. get it at your local walmart. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply sto
, making a few comments about what he's seen and promising that the federal government will restore services and get resources to the people of new jersey as quickly as possible. as for governor christie who has been an outspoken critic of the president over the past few years, with this matter, this issue things are different. >> if the president of the united states does a good job i will praise him and if he does a bad job i will criticize him. but he has done a good job in the last few days for new jersey, and so he deserves and has earned my praise and he'll get it regardless of what the calendar says because this is much more important than politics, this is the lives of the people of my state. >> reporter: we know governor christie wants to talk to the president about the army core of evenings nearcorps of engineers coming into new jersey and restoring the shore as quickly as possible. bill: how important is this for governor romney. three stops in florida alone. >> reporter: chris stopping florida with former governor jeb bush there. it will be interesting to listen to his t
, contraception and the government's role in providing for the poor. >> the life issues, which many catholics, most catholics hold dear and central to their faith, but then there's this bloef that remains that within the democratic party somehow cares for the poor better. i just think it comes down to that tepgs. >> reporter: how big a role does your catholic religion play in your vote? >> i think it's big. i'm an ex-nun. and i -- the group of nuns that i'm associated with to this day are pushing for obama. >> is the pro choice stance difficult for you to reconcile? >> it was difficult. it bothered me for a long, long time. >> as did the same-sex marriage iss issue, both of which she ultimately looked past. but for catholics like ellen marcum and her daughter, dawn, some are nonnegotiable. >> i'm very pro life. and i want an administration that supports that view. sanctity of life and sanctity of marriage. >> reporter: and this year it's gotten even more interesting. u.s. conference of catholic bishops has been extremely vocal in its opposition to the obama administration rule, requiring to p
is uncertainty in the banking industry, where they lay off, government sees more- >> we have ceos sit over here, what you're going to do with the money, or how many people you're going to hire, it's not tens of thousands, but it's something. and they're high paying jobs. ford hired some people. it really is amazing when the u.s. is screwing up in europe. >> honda's spending 200 million to make some transmission plans in ohio, they're trying to make north america their main base for manufacturing. >> talk about japanese companies, though. >> panasonic. >> panasonic has a $12 million write off. >> it has to be sharp, sharp, sharp. and they have concerns about their ability to operate as a going concern. they're looking at investments from on high. the china protests are going to work out. >> this is as much as a stiff today, it's a 30-year low. >> these are huge companies, the vhs, beta max work. that's a good point actually. >> these are all the leaders. these were all the leaders that you think about. >> i remember when there was a period in 1998 and 1999 it was a question of who was going to r
storm in 1953 which drowned thousands, the government built an extensive series of storm surge barriers. >> if we had the barriers in place during hurricane sandy, we would have had no damage at all. >> this animation produced by a dutch company shows what a barrier in new york harbor might look like. if a surge was coming, 25 foot high gates would drop. and then they would swing shut to block the water until the danger had passed. >> the surge is completely blocked by the system. >> reporter: but his idea would require years of study and cost $15 billion. just about a third of the estimated cost of rebuilding after sandy. lester, other countries are doing major infrastructure projects as part of national security. china is putting in about 10,000 miles of high speed railway, turkey, istanbul. it is possible. the united states can do this. we're just spending our money on other things. >> so going to spark the conversation. richard, thanks. >> hopefully this is part of the debate. >> still to come, we'll take you inside a hurricane war room. this is home depot. we'll see how they and th
of governing than the country had become accustomed to. and raised a lot of the themes that governor romney is raising. there are two different cats, reagan and romney. and at the same time, jimmy carter and obama are not exactly alike except philosophically to a large degree that they are. so that election was reminiscent of this one. here's what's changed. it's inescapable now. it's on the air 24/7. on our cable, on their cable, on local access. it's especially on the screen behind me, the computer screen. you can't sign on in the morning to go to your favorite web site without getting some kind of political dialogue. so i think people feel like they are caught in a tsunami of information, not all of it advancing their understanding of how they can best make a decision on behalf of their family and behalf of their country. a lot of it seems to be kind of campaign noise. that's what's different. >> we have so many polls, tom. they seem to be coming from every which angle, every which organization. how much do you think polling affects the way people will vote? >> not much. i think it may r
government. no bureaucracy, no red tape, get resources where they are needed as fast as possible. >> reporter: mitt romney also suspended campaigning tuesday but still traveled to the battleground state of ohio to encourage donations to the red cross. >> i appreciate the fact that people right here in dayton got up this morning, some went to the grocery store i see and purchased some things that these families will need. >> reporter: governor romney is back campaigning today holding three rallies across florida. but the president remains in disaster response mode. he'll survey storm damage with new jersey's republican governor chris christ yeempt among issues christie plans to bring up, how to build a more weatherproof jersey shore. >> one of the things i'll be talking to the president about tomorrow is bringy the army corps in immediately to talk to us about how's the best way to rebuild the jersey shore. >> reporter: despite election day on the horizon, christie didn't seem very concerned about how his state would hold an election. >> i don't give a damn about election day. it doesn't matte
. >>> a human rights group said syrian rebels killed 28 government troops today in a town that straddles the town's highway. fighting has escalated dramatically since a failed cease-fire monday. >>> a drug company is recalling all of its products after the firm must approve its testing process. it is the sister company to the massachusetts pharmacy whose drugs have been implicated in that deadly meningitis outbreak. it sent injectable drugs to hospitals nationwide. the recall is out of an abundance of caution. >>> bionic man zach lauter is ready to make history sunday when he attempts to climb 2,109 stairs to the top of chicago's willis tower. he lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident, will now use an experimental prosthetic leg that is controlled by his mind. that's something. >>> it is now six minutes after the hour. we'll follow, maybe even tweet about it if we get some power around here, al. >> that's fantastic. >> like science fiction. thank you so much. let's see what we've got for you as far as your weather is concerned. today, remnants of sandy right now up into canada, spin
rights group said syrian rebels killed 28 government troops today in a town that straddles the country's main north/south highway. five rebels were killed in the attack. syrian forces also shelled a town near the turkish border. fighting has escalated dramatically since the failed cease-fire monday. >>> the ameridose drug company is recalling all of the products after they were told they must improve their testing process. it is the sister company to the massachusetts pharmacy whose drugs have been implicated in that deadly meningitis outbreak. ameridose is a major supplier of injectable drugs to hospitals nationwide. they stress the fda did not identify any impurities in its products and that the recall is out of p an abundance of cautio. >>> bionic man zach botter is going to attempt to climb the stairs. he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident will now use an experimental prosthetic leg that is controlled by his mind. that's something. it is now six minutes after the hour, we are rooting for him. we'll be following, maybe even tweet about it if we get some power around here, al. >>
, supervisor. thanks for having me. proposition d is a good government measure that will increase voter turnout in our elections for city attorney and treasurer, two very important offices, and will also save the city 4.2 million dollars every 4 years. right now we elect our city attorney and treasurer in a very, very low turnout odd year election where they are the only two offices on the ballot. and turnout is always extremely low in that election. and it costs us over $4 million dollars to hold that election. proposition d would move the city attorney and treasurer elections to be on the same ballot as the mayor, which is a much myer turn jut election, so more people would be voting for city attorney and treasurer and every time we don't hold that very low turnout odd year election separately for city attorney and treasurer, we'll save 4.2 million dollars. prop d was put on the ballot unanimously by the board of supervisors and it's been endorsed overwhelmingly by both the democratic and republican party. >> dr. faulkner, do you think this is a good idea. >> it has several problems. the orig
shortly. >> thank you. i am the director of development and local government relations. we have one speaker from san francisco unified school district, dr. janet schultz
partner, san francisco government television. thanks to each of you, for taking the time to inform yourself about your choices on november 6th. good evening. [ applause ] >>
in government. the first years as a very brash and passionate attorney. now i have a lot of strong feelings about... (inaudible) low income tenants and the department of building inspection and fire department. the wave of the streets were conducted that will be safe in the public housing project ts. and during those years, 23 years ago. really kind of change... (inaudible) or you have to sue it to change it. of course, as an attorney (inaudible). of course, i litigated against the city for some years and got convinced that maybe that does not end up in all of the best results. so i got enticed by (inaudible) to start working in it and... required the people in the city government who wanted to do better but simply did not know how. the passion was there. the passion from our communities have been there for many, many years. and so, fast forward 20 years later i am the mayor of this crazy place and i tried... (inaudible). and i think the great way of doing that is to model new ways to an old passion and as people who want to solve problems and people who have passion to get other people inv
a buddhist women. the violence is jeopardizing the government's efforts to promote democracy and reconciliation. >>> government forces and opposition fighters in syria are trading fire and accusations instead of observing a temporary ceasefire. both sides agreed to put down their weapons during a muslim holiday. but they've both been involved in fresh violence. government and opposition forces agreed to a proposal by u.n. and arab league leader to stop fighting during the holiday. the truce is to go friday through monday. but sporadic battles continued throughout the country. exploded in damascus killing five people and wounding 30 others. fierce fighting broke out in aleppo. troops loyal to president bashar al assad attacked rebels who seized an airport. syrian forces are also being accused of going after antigovernment demonstrators. a human rights group says more than 70 people died across the country on friday away. syrian soldiers said they retaliated after opposition fighters broke the produce. but one tells nhk government forces went on the offensive first. he says his
need to get more of our federal tax dollars back from the federal government. we send more money up to washington than we get back. those are the atom is we would look at. he talks about getting money from gas exploration and by his own admission, that is success tenures out. he talks about a plan that will cost $11 billion -- >> let's be concise and stay on subject. >> 95, li's purchase, public- private partnership, let's get money back from the federal government. let's prioritize some of the traffic. if the look at my logistics task force report, it was a commission of republicans and democrats and we talked about some of these things around the state. in the cities, we should give a tax benefit or incentive for people who live inside the belt law and that we get people off the belt line during those tight traffic turned to allow congress to travel. >> where would you find a funding source to repair and upgrade 95? >> the first thing i would do is look at other roads that are being considered for construction which some areas don't even want. congestion or safety issues are not r
is the commander in chief. it's his responsibility to ensure the federal government has done everything they can do. he is back in d.c. and selected a fema administrator out of florida who is probably one of the best responders that the agency has seen. all of the federal agencies appear to be stepping up. they are in line. as you remember governor there are connections between the local government state government and the sources that are desperately needed. >> jennifer: can you remind people who are watching who may not be in the disaster area why fema is so important. >> you have heard, governor all disasters are local. and the response is definitely a local event. often fema gets painted with a brood brush that they are the first responder. they are not. as a governor you don't have the ability to mobilize large numbers of forces of both equipment and people to these types of events especially when we have a disaster the magnitude of sandy. without fema those state and local governments would not come close to being able to respond in the way that is expected of the governmen
through the federal government is something that needs to be reformed. >> thank you. >> ending with the theme of public safety, our final question, is that the state proposition 36 seeks to amend california law to provide that a life sentence should not be imposed for a third felony conviction unless it is for a serious or violent felony, and what is your position. >> i spent a lot of time my ten years in legislation working on criminal justice reform to make sure that we have saner drug laws and we don't see the spending grow from 5.2 to over ten percent surpassing the amount that we spend on higher education as a completely wrong track that we are on. thanks to corn brown we have turned the corner and with realignment we will be reducing that percentage of funding on the criminal justice so that we can spend it on education which is the best crime preventive tool known to human kind. i am a strong supporter of prop 36 and i supported the earlier version in 2004 when only because of wise that arnold schwarzenegger said in a television commercial that it was mathematically impo
. she holds a degree in government, from claire mont college and a policy. >> good evening, everyone, candidates. >> good evening. >> this year we have two candidates for state assembly state 19, michael brior and phil tim. >> they will answer questions that you in the audience submit as well as the questions submitted to the league of women voters. in addition, the viewers from the senior center may submit questions on-line. the time keepers will hold up a yellow card to signify to the candidates that they have 15 seconds remaining and hold up a red card when it is time to stop. >> both have asked the supporters to be respectful of the candidate and the audience and to maintain the quiet during the forum, i also ask you to respect this commitment, please. >> you all have many important decision to make on november 6th, and today's forum will give you the opportunity to ask questions to help you make your decisions. now, let's begin. >> our first question is a very general... actually i want to start with one here that is from the richmond senior center sent in on-line. >> the census
. >> they wants the hispanic vote. they want the hispanic dependent on government. just like they have the african-americans dependent on government. >> there is no exemptions. >> don't blame the marketplace for the mess we're in now. i'm tired of hearing this crap. >> pick this president up, pat him on the head and say son son, son. >> cenk: well, we're about to pat you on the head and say son, son son there's the friggin' door, enjoy it. i wish the host had predicted this earlier hmm. >> joe walsh, the clown of the earth. he thinks on medicare you have to double down, go harder at it. he's first-termer. he's going to be wanted out. i would be surprised if he survived that first term. he's a bull in the china shop. he has no idea what he's doing. >> cenk: that was only a year and a half ago. hey joe you know what this is? i've got a personal one for you. elbow from the sky--bye bye. now, all of you stay right here because we've got a whole other hour of "the young turks" coming. and wait until you get a load of me on climate change, washington, new york, you've done nothing about it. that anger w
launched their program governing that level of engagement and the conduct of the utility and the caa, so there -- i think it's useful to spend time briefing folks on the rules of engagement are from that legislative effort as much as we know them, but it won't be exactly the same experience because of that. >> well i think that it would be helpful to have that context. i think that would be useful -- i imagine for both commissions to do that. ms. miller. >> and i am just assuming and barbara i know we will talk off line that we will have an update on shell and mobile energy if there are issues or status of where we are with those two contracts. >> great. colleague any other questions? again we want to thank staff and puc for their presentation. we have taken public comment on this item. why don't we now go to item six. >> item six public comment. members of the public may address the commission on matters that are within their jurisdiction and not on today's agenda. >> any public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. item seven. >> item seven future agenda items. >> and now
to receive 31.5 billion euros in new loans. the finance ministers urged government leaders to reach a consensus on labor reforms, too. the ministers will visit the issues when they meet again in two weeks. greek leaders seem to be taking that pressure seriously. they've submitted a revised draft budget to parliament outlining yet more austerity. they proposed reductions to spending of more than 9 billion euros. they intend to submit bills next week to cut pensions and the salaries of civil servants. >>> government leaders expect the europe economy will contract next year by 4.5%. they're urging their creditors to lease rescue loans as soon as possible. but many greeks are growing increasingly frustrated with the severely of the cuts. major unions announced a 48 hour general strike for next week. >>> while the eu pressures greece, its own spending poli policies are undefined in britain. members of prime minister's david cameron's own party backed an opposition amendment calling for a smaller eu budget. opposition lawmakers say increasing funding for the regional body is unacceptable.
that are corporate nonprofit, and government, all focused on challenge driven innovation in some way or another. this is a really powerful interesting, innovative group of people that are gathered here to look at how competitions can drive innovation. that's what tonight is all about, is, you know, the next step in creating a real wave of innovation. my job tonight is just to give you a little bit of background on what we are what we're doing, and then gñ@ this really powerful group of ti so just to get going with that, i want to tell you a little bit about this thing called the night rover/< challenge. this is a collaboration between the clean tech open unoodle and nasa. it's a program from nasa's office of centennial challenges. and it's challengin the best innovators in america to create radical new energy storage technology. you know, way above what we have now. this is something very powerful, to be able to keep rovers going on the moon, in mars, things that could be useful, in your cell electric vehicles something that just is a radical leap in new tec
. >> commissioners, ray heart, director of san francisco open government. i do read these reports. i read every one of them, front to back and i go back and make notes on them and everything else because i really do want to come here and make meaningful comment. for example, category number two investigation enforcement programs number of complaints what does that tell us? how long have those complaints been sitting? i know for a fact that the 9 for the sunshine ordinance task force have been sitting there for god knows how long. so basically, i could have to... i don't think that it is unfair to assume that some of these other complaints may just be sitting in someone's desk aging and eventually someone will get around to it and someone will put it up. these really are meanless statistics. and nine people filed a complaint, and how many were referred from sunshine? how many of you heard, well, we know that. one. gomez, where did that go? nowhere. because the mayor only wants to use you if it suits his political ends. i told you that before. he hung you out to dry, he wanted to get rid of the sheri
Search Results 2,050 to 2,099 of about 2,125 (some duplicates have been removed)